Nature protection: Significant Slovak fossils - Seal Devinophoca claytoni

Commemorative postage stamp from the Nature protection stamp series dedicated to Significant Slovak fossils - Seal Devinophoca claytoni.

09. 09. 2022

Specialized articles

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05. 05. 2021

Devín - the story of one postcard

The sad story of the resigned ancient Devín and the effects of the resignation on the traditional celebrations of Slavic reciprocity told through postcards.

Miroslav Bachratý
19. 03. 2021

Dictionary of a knowledgeable philatelist

Explanation and illustration of basic philatelic terms for the collector of postage stamps supplemented by well-meaning recommendations.

Vojtech Jankovič, Zuzana Broskvová
23. 02. 2021

170 years of the first postage stamps in Slovakia

Circumstances of origin and the process of design and production of the first Austrian stamps as well as their detailed philatelic description accompanied by examples of actual postal use of stamps of all values on shipments sent from or to the territory of present-day Slovakia.

Pavel Lauko a študenti Univerzity tretieho veku Žilinskej univerzity
27. 12. 2020

Slovakia - USA, the first known letter of the stamp period

Study article devoted to a unique find of the oldest known entire sent from Slovakia and addressed to the USA with the first issue of Austrian stamps, which is not mentioned in a specialized publication by Peter Severín: Handbook of entires and postage stamps from the territory of Slovak Republic on postage stamps of Austria 1850 - 1867.

Pavol Lazar
12. 10. 2020

Postage stamp territories - Audhali

Article from the postage stamp territories area focused on the stamp designs (essays) for the Sultanate of Audhali

Marián Kováč
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