New issue of the journal SLOVENSKÁ FILATELIA 2021/2

Information on the publication of a new issue of the philatelic magazine SLOVENSKA FILATELIA, which brings current philatelic information and specialized articles in the field of philately and postage stamp collecting.

06. 09. 2021


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23. 02. 2021

170 years of the first postage stamps in Slovakia

Circumstances of origin and the process of design and production of the first Austrian stamps as well as their detailed philatelic description accompanied by examples of actual postal use of stamps of all values on shipments sent from or to the territory of present-day Slovakia.

Pavel Lauko a študenti Univerzity tretieho veku Žilinskej univerzity
26. 06. 2020

And why is not philately (in schools)

Reflections of an experienced philatelist and leader of young philatelists circles on the possibility of introducing philately to schools

Ján Mička
25. 04. 2008

Excursion in the Postal Museum

Exkurzia študentov Masarykovej univerzity z Brna v Poštovom múzeu.

Anna Strmeňová (Poštové múzeum Banská Bystrica)
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