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11. 09. 2020

Thematic Philately

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23. 03. 2020

QSL card and Wuppertal Schwebebahn

Thematic article on the Wuppertaler Schwebebahn (Wuppertal Suspension Railway) inspired by the article by J. Micka: Interesting thematic connection - railway.

Ján Mička, Vojtech Jankovič
19. 01. 2020

Sheetlet Green Tokyo 1964

Studying the rare first numbered sheetlet of the Soviet Union (USSR) called among collectors the GREEN TOKIO.

Ing. Alois Vávra
25. 12. 2019

Haviva Reik - Israeli Slovakiana

Suprising Israeli Slovakiana - Chaviva Reik (1914 - 1944) - Zionist activist and member of the Amsterdam Airborne Group.

Ján Mička
14. 05. 2019

Peace Race

An introduction to a series of articles devoted to a detailed overview of postage stamps and other postal documents related to cycling Peace Race with an exhaustive description of philatelic peculiarities and attractions.

Vojtech Jankovič
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