Looking-buying for red meter Michalovce Pivovar Slovensko

Looking for the red meter Michalovce Pivovar from the Slovak State period 1939 - 45

13. 02. 2021

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06. 12. 2015

Mucha´s Piestany

Krátka reportáž doplnená fotografiami zo slávnostnej inaugurácie novej slovenskej poštovej známky Umenie: Alfonz Mucha – Buď pozdravený požehnaný prameň zdravia a sprievodných akcií v piešťanoch.

23. 11. 2015

Slovakia has a postage stamp with Polivka. It was donated to him by wasters

Information about a recession issue of a bogus postage stamp with Czech actor Bolek Polívka authors of which are Slovak postage stamps creators - artist and graphic designer Karol Felix and engraver František Horniak.

Information about recession issue of a postage stamp with a fictitious Czech actor Bolek Polivka, whose authors are the creators of Slovak stamps - a graphic artist and engraver Karol Felix Frantisek Horniak.

18. 10. 2015

New Spravodaj ZSF 2015/3 was published

If you are interested in actual information about events in the Slovak philately, the new issue 2015/3 of the Newsletter of the Union of Slovak Philatelists philatelic magazine has been just published.

02. 10. 2015

A new issue of the bulletin Svätý Gabriel 2015/3 (81)

If you are a collector of Christian philately or simply interested in current information on what is happening in the Christian philately, read a new issue of the Saint Gabriel 2015/3 (81) philatelic newsletter of the Society of collectors of philatelic materials with Christian themes in Slovakia.

07. 09. 2015

Another Success of the Slovak Post in Philately!

Press release of the Slovak Post on golden medal at the international competition „International Competition Class for issuing postal authorities UPU members countries and their territories“.

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