The complex story of the joint issue Environmental Sustainability ACT NOW during the coronavirus pandemic COVID-19

Monitoring the story of the planned joint release Environmental Sustainability of ACT NOW negatively affected by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

28. 01. 2022

New issues, inaugurations, the most beautiful stamps

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11. 06. 2016

Charles IV. - Tirnavikum

Information on Czech stamps dedicated to Charles IV., who is linked with Trnava and therefore postage stamp can be considered as Tirnavikum.

06. 12. 2015

Mucha´s Piestany

Krátka reportáž doplnená fotografiami zo slávnostnej inaugurácie novej slovenskej poštovej známky Umenie: Alfonz Mucha – Buď pozdravený požehnaný prameň zdravia a sprievodných akcií v piešťanoch.

23. 11. 2015

Slovakia has a postage stamp with Polivka. It was donated to him by wasters

Information about a recession issue of a bogus postage stamp with Czech actor Bolek Polívka authors of which are Slovak postage stamps creators - artist and graphic designer Karol Felix and engraver František Horniak.

Information about recession issue of a postage stamp with a fictitious Czech actor Bolek Polivka, whose authors are the creators of Slovak stamps - a graphic artist and engraver Karol Felix Frantisek Horniak.

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