Postage Stamp:
Day of postage stamp: Jozef Baláž (1923 – 2006)

Day of postage stamp: Jozef Baláž (1923 – 2006)
Date of Issue: 05. 12. 2023
Face value: 1,20 €
Postage stamp dimensions: 44,1 x 26,5 + k 22 x 26,5 mm
Printing sheet form: TL
Stamps in printing sheet: 30
Stamps in set: 1
Printing company: Tiskárna Hradištko, s.r.o., Czech Republic
Printing technique: Offset in combination with serigraphy
Amount printed: 300000

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Postage stamp from the Day of postage stamp series dedicated to the Slovak artist and author of Czechoslovak and Slovak postage stamps Jozef Baláž (1923 – 2006).

Text motifs: Deň poštovej známky / JOZEF BALÁŽ (1923 – 2006)

Pictorial motifs: Portrét Jozefa Baláža, fragment z jeho tvorby.

Postage stamp artwork: akad. mal. Martin Činovský

Postage stamp engraving: akad. mal. Martin Činovský

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