Unikátny grafický komplet Rudolfa Cigánika - Osobnosti slovenské známe v známke

Mimoriadna ponuka autorského vlastnoručne signovaného kompletu akademického maliara Rudolfa Cigánika pod názvom Osobnosti slovenské známe v známke (5 portrétov slovenských osobností).

13. 04. 2022

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Nové číslo časopisu FEPA NEWS II Series No. 38 – January 2021

Nové číslo časopisu FEPA NEWS II Series No. 38 – January 2021
Autor: Bill Headley (Ed.)
Zdroj: FEPA News
Publikované: 23. 06. 2021 20:14

Nové číslo časopisu Európskej filatelistickej federácie FEPA NEWS.

Časopis FEPA NEWS II Series No. 38 – January 2021

The Journal of European Philately

FEPA News - Časopis Európskej filatelistickej federácie

Obsah čísla:

» Impresum and Content

» Letter from the President

» Recent activities of the FEPA Board

  » Overview of the FEPA Board's recent activities. Award of FEPA Medals for 2019

  » Report on a meeting of the FEPA Board and Members, 21 November 2020

  » Review of the FEPA Statutes

  » Exhibition Frames Survey - Is Cooperation Feasible?

» Exhibitions and Competitions since July 2020

  » ESTONIA 2020 in Tartu

  » Finnish National Exhibition SFEx 2020 in Helsinki

  » PRAGA PICCOLA 2020 in Prague

  » ÖVEBRIA 2020 in St Pölten

  » Carinthia Plebiscite of 1920 commemorated in Austria and Slovenia

  » SIBIU 2020 One Frame Exhibition in Romania

  » MAMER 2020, plus Awards from MULTILATERALE 2019 and MAMER 2019, in Luxembourg

  » NEXOFIL: 2020 Awards for Best Stamp Designs

  » FIP Maximaphily Commission: Awards for Best Maxicard 2019

  » Virtual has become a Reality. A survey of recent virtual exhibitions worldwide

» News and Views from the FEPA Family

  » Turkish Philatelic Academy and Netherlands Federation

  » Finnish Federation and Italian Federation

  » Obituaries

  » Article: “Digitisation Offensive by Deutsche Post: Postage Stamps only to be used with Matrix Code”

  » Article: “Could we include Two and Three Frame exhibits in international exhibitions?”

  » Article: “My way of working with young people to create a planned exhibit”

  » News from the Young Philatelists' Organisations

  » Learning about Maximaphily

» Forthcoming Exhibitions in Europe

  » XXV^ ALPE-ADRIA Tarvisio 2021

  » NORDIA 2021 commemorates the first postcard of Finland

  » NOTOS 2021

  » MONACOPHIL 2021 and LONDON 2022

  » HUNFILEX2022 Budapest

  » HELVETIA 2022 - Lugano

  » New Dates for IBRA - World Exhibiton in Essen, 25-28 MAY 2023

» Museum News

  » The Museum of Tasso and of Postal History in Cornello dei Tasso

  » Study and Research Collections at the Royal Philatelic Society London

» Literature Corner

  » “Madrid 1561-1856: Royal and Official Mail”

  » “From my Home” (FESOFI Publication) and “Names for Spanish Philately and Postal History”

  » “Postal History of the Capture of Rome, 1870” and “Postal Services and Rates in Italy 1861-2000”

  » “The Postal Service during the conflicts and Plebiscite in Carinthia” and “Slovakia 1938-1945”

  » “The Orient Express 1883-1914” and “Exhibiting Postal History” (course of seminars)

» Invited Articles

  » 500 Years of Mail in Portugal

  » Postal Tariffs for covers and postcards during the Italian Occupation of Albania (1939-1943)

  » The Yugoslav Army detachment in Zone A, 1945-19

  » The First Stamp of the Republic of Slovenia after Independence

  » Collecting Butterflies as an exciting Passion of Kings and Tsars Part II

» FEPA Family

» Events Calendar

» Advertisements

Kompletný časopis:

Časopis Európskej filatelistickej federácie FEPA NEWS II Series No. 38 – January 2021

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