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15. 05. 2023

Commemorative Postmark:
90 years of the Philatelic Club in Levice

90 years of the Philatelic Club in Levice
Day of use: 05. 10. 2015
Post office: LEVICE 1
Colour: black

Angličtina / English

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Commemorative postmark used in Levice on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the Philatelic Club in Levice.

Text motifs: 90 ROKOV KF 1925 - 2015

Pictorial motifs: Priečelie hotela Lev v Leviciach.

Philatelic partners

POFIS - Postal philatelic service
EXPONET - Virtual international philatelic exhibition
Slovak Society of Olympic and Sports Collectors ...or philatelists for themselves
OLYMPSPORT - Czech Association for Olympic and Sport Philately
ZSF - Union of Slovak Philatelists