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19. 05. 2020

Philatelic magazines and periodicals:
New issue of the journal FIP Flash 124 – Feb 2018

Author: Vojtech Jankovič
Source: www.f-i-p.ch
Published: 23. 06. 2018 01:30

Angličtina / English

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New issue of the informative journal the World Philatelic Federation FIP Flash 124 – Feb 2018

Časopis FIP Flash 124 – Feb 2018

Časopis Svetovej filatelistickej federácie FIP Flash

Obsah čísla:

  • List of Exhibitions
  • The President's Page
  • Editorial
  • The FIP Board
    • Highlights of the 112th FIP Board of Directors Meeting in Bandung, Indonesia on August 7th, 2017
    • Highlights of the 113th and 114th FIP Board of Directors Meetings in Brasilia, Brazil, on October 23rd and October 30th, 2017
  • The FIP Commissions
  • The Exhibitions
  • The FIP Member Federations
  • The Associate members
  • Responsibilities

Kompletný časopis:

PDF dokument Časopis Svetovej filatelistickej federácie FIP Flash 124 – Feb 2018

Ďalšie informácie:

Bližšie informácie o Svetovej filatelistickej federácii FIP nájdete na stránke FIP Flash.

Author: Vojtech Jankovič

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