Tribute to the First Line Warriors - Corona virus COVID-19 Pandemic and Philately

Overview of postal materials with a direct or indirect correlation to the COVID-19 corona pandemic
(Updated on 29th September 2020)

29. 09. 2020

Philatelic Exhibitions:
Virtual National Stamp Exhibition NAPOSTA 2020 (Germany)

Virtual National Stamp Exhibition NAPOSTA 2020 (Germany)
Location: internet, INTERNET - NEMECKO
Entry: Free (no admission)
Date: 01. 09. 2020 - 30. 09. 2020

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Invitation to the virtual national philatelic exhibition NAPOSTA 2020 (Germany)

Virtuálna národná filatelistická výstava NAPOSTA 2020 (Nemecko)

Virtuálna národnú filatelistická výstava

NAPOSTA 2020 (Nemecko)

Základné informácie o výstave: NAPOSTA 2020


Exponáty: Virtuelle NAPOSTA 2020

Philatelic partners

POFIS - Postal philatelic service
EXPONET - Virtual international philatelic exhibition
Slovak Society of Olympic and Sports Collectors ...or philatelists for themselves
OLYMPSPORT - Czech Association for Olympic and Sport Philately
ZSF - Union of Slovak Philatelists