Issue plan of Slovak postage stamps for 2022

The issue plan of Slovak postage stamps for 2022. The overview of the pictures of all stamps already issued and stamps in the design phase can be found below the article.

15. 04. 2022

Postal Card without Imprint:
Modra ceramics

Modra ceramics
Date of Issue: 20. 05. 2006
Valid until: 31. 12. 2009
Face value: 10 Sk

Angličtina / English

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Postal (correspondence) pre-stamped card with embossed stamp depicting Modra ceramics.

Text motifs: Natlačená známka: nie je; Cena: 11,00 Sk / © Slovenská pošta 131 CDV 131/06

Pictorial motifs: Natlačená známka: Modranská keramika.

Autor známky: akad. mal. Vladislav Rostoka
Predajná cena: 11 Sk

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