Lecture (KF 00-15): Postal history of the Czech lands 1850 - 1858, rarities and attractions

Lecture witin the regular cycle of lectures organized by the KF 00-15 Club of collectors of specialized areas in Prague (Czech Republic)

04. 03. 2021

Postal Card without Imprint:
Holic faience

Holic faience
Date of Issue: 14. 01. 2005
Valid until: 31. 12. 2009
Face value: 9 Sk

Angličtina / English

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Postal (correspondence) pre-stamped card with embossed stamp depicting Holic faience.

Text motifs: Natlačená známka: nie je; Cena: 10,00 Sk / © Slovenská pošta 118 CDV 118/04

Pictorial motifs: Natlačená známka: Holíčska fajansa.

Autor známky: akad. mal. Vladislav Rostoka
Predajná cena: 10 Sk

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