Personalities: Monk Cyprian (1724 - 1775) - 300th birth anniversary

Postage stamp from the Personalities series commemorating the 300th anniversary of the birth of the educated traveler, folk healer, collector, monk Cyprian (1724 - 1775).

26. 07. 2024

Commemorative Postmark:
101st World Congress of Esperanto (24. 7.)

101st World Congress of Esperanto (24. 7.)
Day of use: 24. 07. 2016
Post office: NITRA 1
Colour: black

Angličtina / English

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Commemorative postmark used in Nitra on the occasion of the101st World Congress of Esperanto in Nitra.


Pictorial motifs: Symbol esperanta: proti sebe stojace písmená E a päťcípa hviezda.

Postage stamp artwork: akad. mal. Igor Benca

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