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Stamp Territories and Territorial Philately:
Postage stamp territories - Audhali

Postage stamp territories - Audhali
Author: Marián Kováč
Published: 12. 10. 2020 22:59

Article from the postage stamp territories area focused on the stamp designs (essays) for the Sultanate of Audhali


The Sultanate of Audhali is located in the south part of the Arabian Peninsula, the capital is Lawdar, also known as Zarah.

From 1890 to 1959 it was a member of the Aden Protectorate. On February 11, 1959, together with others, it created the Federation of the Southern Arab Emirates, which was transformed into the Southern Arab Federation after the annexation of the Aden Colony in 1963.

At present, its territory is integrated into the united Republic of Yemen.

Postage stamp territories - Audhali

The southern part of the peninsula on a map from 1962, the sultanate is marked in yellow.

In 1964, Muhammad al-Amri, a diplomatic representative of the Sultanate, ordered the issuance of postage stamps from Michel Stephan, the owner of the Baroody Stamp Company, based in Beirut, Lebanon.

He issued the first stamps of Dubai in 1963 and also had contracts for the issuance of stamps for Ajman, Fujaira and Umm al-Qiwain. Due to the large financial resources needed to implement the three contracts, he sold those three others and retained only the contract from Dubai.

Postage stamp territories - Audhali

Michel Stephan (in a pale jacket) at a meeting with Edmund Lorenzo (in a dark jacket), a representative of the Dubai Post. In the background, employees of Baroody Stamp Co.

The company prepared two different designs for Audhali, designed by M. M. Arthur, an employee of the National Cash Register in Beirut. The essays are usually two-colored on different types of paper, each sheet containing four stamps in a 2 x 2 arrangement and were not printed in a format other than the one indicated.

The name of the country is not in Arabic on any of the essays. The only Arabic is the face value displayed on the right side of each stamp, on the left in English. The rupee was the Indian currency and at that time was used in most areas of the Persian Gulf.

Due to unacceptable financial conditions, the agreement was never concluded.

The first of the designs has a horizontal design and shows a falcon sitting on a tree branch. In the upper left corner is an empty oval for a portrait, the face value is 3 rupees. Each sheet contains four stamps (2 x 2), each measuring 50 mm x 31 mm.

Postage stamp territories - Audhali
Postage stamp territories - Audhali

It is interesting that the same falcon motif was used in the prepared essays for Fujeira.

Postage stamp territories - Audhali

The second design has a vertical format and shows three palm trees, in the background with a palm grove. The stamp has a value of 5 rupees, dimensions 37 mm x 50 mm and, as in the previous case, there are four stamps (2 x 2) on each sheet.

Postage stamp territories - Audhali

Aden stamps with black AUDHALI overprints can also be found on the Internet. However, more detailed information is not to be found anywhere, so it is not possible to determine whether it is an official release or a forgery.

Postage stamp territories - Audhali


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Author: Marián Kováč

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