30th anniversary of the founding of the Slovak Post and Czech Post (Joint issue with the Czech Republic)

Commemorative postage stamp commemorating the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Slovak Post and Czech Post issued as a joint issue with the Czech Republic.

02. 10. 2023

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New issue of the journal FEPA NEWS II Series No. 40 – January 2022

New issue of the journal FEPA NEWS II Series No. 40 – January 2022
Author: Bill Hedley (Ed.)
Source: FEPA News
Published: 24. 01. 2022 22:42

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New issue of the journal the European Philatelic Federation NEWS II Series No. 40 – January 2022.

Časopis FEPA News II Series No. 40 – January 2022

The Journal of European Philately

FEPA News - Časopis Európskej filatelistickej federácie

Obsah čísla:

» Impresum and Content

  » Letter from the President

» News from FEPA

  » Introducing the new FEPA Board

  » FEPA Congress - What Happened?

  » Statutes of the Federation of European Philatelic Associations

  » Presentation of FEPA Medal for Exceptional Service to Organised Philately

» News from FEPA Members

  » Newcomers in the Federations

  » Turkey / Germany

  » Balkanfila / Leonard Pascanu

  » Youth Philatelic Activities in Germany, UK

  » Presentation of FEPA Awards in Poland

  » RDP Signatories / Menuhin Troophy award

  » NEXOFIL Awards for 2021

» Exhibitions in 2021

  » NOTOS 2021

  » Virtual Exhibitions in Israel and Slovenia

  » AICO Web Olympic Show 2021

  » Exhibitions in Luxembourg and Armenia

  » Multilaterale and Övebria in Austria

» Forthcoming Exhibitions

  » LONDON 2022



  » ÖVEBRIA 2022


  » LIBEREC 2022


  » IBRA 2023

» Developments in Philately

  » Open Philately - The Past and the Future

  » Can we appreciate non-philatelic material properly in Open Philately exhibits?

  » On-Line Philately - An Italian Contribution

  » Proposal for an On-Line Exhibit Builder

  » Professional Philately during the COVID-19 Pandemic

» The World of Research

  » The Stamp Museum of Budapest

  » Preserving a Philatelic Archive for the Island of St Helena

  » Perkins Bacon Line-Engraved Stamp Printing - A Case Study in the use of Archives for philatelic research

» Literature Corner

  » The Portuguese Post Office / Administrators and Postal Houses in Barcelona

  » Mail addressed from Italy to the Foregn Countries / Irish Philately

» FEPA Family

» Events Calendar

» Advertisements

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Časopis Európskej filatelistickej federácie FEPA NEWS II Series No. 40 – January 2022

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