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09. 08. 2023

Postal Card with imprint:
International collectors fair SBĚRATEL (COLLECTOR) 2016

International collectors fair SBĚRATEL (COLLECTOR) 2016
Date of Issue: 08. 09. 2016

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Postal (correspondence) pre-stamped card with embossed stamp Historical postal motif - Post Horn with imprint to the international fair of postage stamps, coins, cards, minerals and collecting SBĚRATEL (COLLECTOR) 2016 in Prague (Czech Republic).

Text motifs: ... sběratel 2016 / 8. - 10. 9. 2016 Praha

Pictorial motifs: Pohľad na Karlov most a historické budovy v pozadí, v zúbkovanom orámovaní.

Philatelic partners

POFIS - Postal philatelic service
EXPONET - Virtual international philatelic exhibition
Slovak Society of Olympic and Sports Collectors ...or philatelists for themselves
OLYMPSPORT - Czech Association for Olympic and Sport Philately
ZSF - Union of Slovak Philatelists