Tribute to First Line Warriors - Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic and Philately

Overview of postal materials with a direct or indirect correlation to the COVID-19 corona pandemic.
(Updated on 8th March, 2020)

08. 04. 2020

Postal Card without Imprint:
Coat of arms of Slovakia (2 Sk)

Coat of arms of Slovakia (2 Sk)
Date of Issue: 01. 01. 1994
Valid until: 31. 12. 2009
Face value: 2 Sk

Angličtina / English

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Postal (correspondence) pre-stamped card with embossed stamp depicting the coat of arms of Slovakia.

Text motifs: Natlačená známka: nie je; Cena: 2,50 Sk

Pictorial motifs: Natlačená známka: štátny znak Slovenskej republiky.

Autor známky: akad. mal. Martin Činovský
Predajná cena: 2,50 Sk

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