Use of butterfly franking machines after the liberation of Czechoslovakia

Use of franking machines with a payment block in the shape of a butterfly (FRANCOTYP) after the liberation of the Czechoslovak Republic in 1945 with emphasis on the territory of Slovakia

21. 09. 2020

Commemorative Postmark:
Bratislava Collectors Days 2016 (Central Post Office Bratislava 1)

Bratislava Collectors Days 2016 (Central Post Office Bratislava 1)
Day of use: 03. 06. 2016
Post office: BRATISLAVA 5
Colour: black

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Commemorative postmark on the occassion of the Bratislava Collectors Days 2016 depicting the Central Post Office Bratislava 1 building.


Pictorial motifs: Portál budovy Hlavnej pošty Bratislava 1

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