Lecture (KF 00-15): 100 years since the establishment of the post office at Kbely Airport and its use by airmail

Lecture witin the regular cycle of lectures organized by the KF 00-15 Club of collectors of specialized areas in Prague (Czech Republic)

02. 12. 2021

Postal Card without Imprint:
Architecture of pre-Romanesque and Romanesque period

Architecture of pre-Romanesque and Romanesque period
Date of Issue: 27. 02. 2009
Face value: T2 50g 

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Postal (correspondence) pre-stamped card with embossed stamp depicting the architecture memorial of pre-Romanesque and Romanesque period in Cierny Brod.

Text motifs: Natlačená známka: nie je; © Slovenská pošta 168 CDV 168/09

Pictorial motifs: Natlačená známka: pôdorys románskej stavby v Čiernom Brode.

Autor známky: Peter Biľak
Predajná cena: 0,36 €, neskôr 0,48 €

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