Mistakes, errors and inaccuracies on the Czechoslovak postage stamps and other postal materials

Identification of factual errors, inaccuracies, and grammatical errors on Czechoslovak stamps and other postal materials.

03. 05. 2021

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Philatelic market and crisis

Philatelic market and crisis
Author: David Kopřiva
Source: www.burda-auction.com
Published: 05. 05. 2020 17:53

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An expert view on the stability of investment in postage stamps even in times of crisis.

Author: David Kopřiva

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For example, the word 'známka' is automatically translated into English as 'mark', 'label', or 'grade' instead of - in this context - the proper 'stamp'; and opposite the word 'stamp' is automatically translated to Slovak as 'značka', 'odtlačok', 'kolok', 'pečiatkovať' instead of - in this context - the proper 'známka'. In this particular case, it is appropriate to correct the source to a 'poštová známka', respectively 'postage stamp', which significantly improves the quality of automated translati

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