Author: Bohumil Synek

List of articles:

Fake Hlinka full of secrets (16.11.2013)

Úvahy zväzového znalca nad nálezom celého tlačového listu neupotrebených známok falošného Hlinku.

Chance is a jerk - After 77 years appeared on the market rare designs of Hlinka stamps for autonomous Slovakia (03.04.2016)

Article on how by an accident after 77 years have been discovered rare designs of Hlinka stamps for autonomous Slovakia.

Can we use a magnifying glass? Warning of the PAUŠALOVANÁ POTRAVNÁ DAŇ overprint forgery (09.12.2016)

Contribution of the expert Bohumil Synek of the discovery of more counterfeits passed in the Slovak market.

The right is left and left is right (18.02.2018)

Expert´s dispute on an unusual discovery of the Slovenský štát/1939 overprint on a genuine used cover + opinion of the expert on history and censorship

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